Use it 2/3 times a week to control hair fall problem and enlength hair quickly. When using, you must keep in mind that the therapy is adequately applied to your entire scalp. 
You can wash it with shampoo the next day from the day you use it. However, there is no harm in leaving it in the hair for 2/3 days and then wash it.
If you do not have hair fall problem due to a serious disease, then using it 3/4 times will control your hair fall. However, you can use it regularly even after the hair fall is under control, this will improve the overall health of your hair and reduce the chances of getting hair fall problem in the future. And if you have symptoms of hair loss due to a complex disease, it is better to use it as well as consult a doctor.
There is no magic which can suddenly enlength your hair. So don’t expect any therapy to make your hair grow to your knees overnight. This Zafran Hair Growth Therapy will give your hair the energy it needs to grow fast. But to make your hair much longer, you must be patient and use it regularly.

🔅 Keep in mind, not only external care, but also a balanced diet is essential to improve the overall health of the hair. So use Zafran Hair Growth Therapy regularly and  make it a habit to eat enough vitamins and minerals to make your hair healthy, thick, long and beautiful.

🔅And if you have  already lost a significant portion of your hair and you expect new hair to grow, then you must use it continuously for a few months. This application should be before going to bed every night without missing a single day.
🔅People who suffer from hypertension and high blood pressure will find it much more relaxing if they use it every night before going to bed. It may also solve your problem of insomnia.
🔅Any child, woman, man above 3 years of age can use it. However, it is recommended not to use it for children who have a cold. Because, although it does not have any menthol ingredients, it does have some natural ingredients that make the head very cool.